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The HoldFast Leaders Library exists to offer a curated and oft-refreshed resource for leaders as they navigate the trials and tribulations of leading themselves and others through the challenging seas of business, sports, and life. 

On the following pages, our contributors (all current and former special operations and intelligence leaders) share meaningful moments from movies, music, books, and personal experiences that have reminded us why we chose hard roles and high places. 


These waypoints* are arranged topically for easy location and anchored to content most wardroom members have heard in person during keynote presentations. 


Our desire is to provide leaders a simple way to:

  • ​Access motivational and educational resources for personal and professional development. 

  • Engage and develop critical personnel using the bridging power of entertainment/media and our own unique experiences in "no fail" environments.

  • Equip critical personnel with tools and resources to develop their own people.

*waypoints are known navigation points that allow sailors to determine they are heading the right direction. 

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