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How can you tell their story if ...

.... you don't know their story.


Description: A powerhouse scene from a powerful story. Two living legends of film Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman capture the power and necessity of curiosity in this candid and direct conversation about understanding who someone is, not just what they are.

Discussion: One of the very first things we did as plebes at the United States Naval Academy was learn who our roommates were, their story. This was more than just where they were from. People won't stretch, sacrifice, struggle for someone else simply because they know the city and state where they grew up. But when they know you, know your story, know why you are there - they will hang on in hard seas.

We learned as much as we could as fast as we could about each others' families, our stories, and the why behind what what we were all doing there. The fabric of our lives that made us who we were, was knitted together in those conversations. And it made us strong, strong, strong.

Imagine these realities, these elements of someone's life, as lines we stake into the ground when putting up a tent or shelter. They are stability points, connections that help us hold each other up and resist winds and rains guaranteed when doing anything worthwhile. Hopkins is like a gifted tailor in this scene, using the personal history of Freeman to sew together the fabric of his story into something he can wear proudly and share fully. As leaders, teammates, and friends - the responsibility is to find ways to knit our stories and purpose together so we're ready for the rough days. Because the rough days are coming.

Decision, Design, & Discipline: Decide that the risk of getting to know your teammates, and letting them get to know you, is less than the risk of failing because you didn't. Don't be afraid to let people know your "High Why" and "Big Why" ... how else can they remind you when a hard day tempts your to forget.

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