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You have to be IN the fight ...

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

... to WIN the fight.


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Description & Discussion: This is a great movie about a leader looking beyond tradition, bias, and "the way we've always done it" to create a winning system.

Where others saw a player who was done, Beane saw a player that added value in unique ways: good bat, great teammate, experience, intact love for the game, and a capacity to learn and grow in a game he was already "excellent" at playing.

Hatteberg added time to his career in a game he loved by being more than just a catcher. He invested in building a family that was "high ground on hard days." Beane built a Tribe that was resilient ... and never out of the fight because they had balanced individuals and organizational balance.

Decision, Design, & Discipline: Are you good at more than just what you are good at? Do you have high ground you can go to on hard days to remind you who you are, what you're about, and why you started pursuing the high and hard things?

If not - start. Now. Decide to design balance into your life.

For those of you I've had the opportunity to speak to, you know my design is 10,000reps for everything that matters in my life. I literally keep count of the things I do that matter to my Bride, my children, my Tribe, my faith. And it's what they say counts ... not what I think counts. Because you measure what matters. You count what counts. Ask the most important people what simple, daily things you can do for them that show them they matter. Then start counting. Or find another design/plan that works for you. But trust us when we tell you ... hard days are coming. And balance - high ground - is how you keep from falling from hard days into bad days.

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