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Description: Tim Hawkins is a hugely successful "clean" comedian that has a unique way of acknowledging and celebrating the humor of everyday life. In this scene he offers alternatives to famous songs that he feels take a little too long.

Discussion: Passion is not a double-edged sword. Being passionate is not a 50/50 proposition. But passion does come with a few risks ... and one of them is wearing out teammates who share your goals, are on the same mission, but lack the same love for words. I'll freely admit this is a clip I watch 3-5 times per week. Most of the members of my Tribe would tell you I need to watch it a few more times. Reduction is art, science, and a requirement. We have to know our craft and "commander's intent" well enough to know when to land the plane. The crew can't get to work until we stop talking.

Decision, Design, and Discipline: No one can buy or create more time. We can only save it. Decide to become a steward of both your and your teammates time. The more passionate we are about a topic, the more we need to make sure we get our folks to where they got it, then get out of the way. Be clear, be done, be gone, and be ready to answer questions. Give someone permission to tell you when it's time to land the plane.

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