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Someone will always be there to tear you down...but someone will also be there to build you up

Updated: Jan 30, 2019


Video Length: 2:15 min

Description & Discussion:

Will Smith plays an entrepreneur who is struggling to survive. In this scene, he tries to teach his son to stay true to his dreams and prepare him for difficulties that will lie ahead.

Intentionalism is about remembering why you are there. If you can’t remember why you are there and protect your dreams, you will not follow through when things inevitably get difficult. Your dreams will be attacked. Sometimes by those closest to you. When I decided to become a SEAL, almost everyone I knew discouraged me or directly told me I could not make it in the military, let alone become a SEAL. Even some in my own family. This was the most difficult part. People I loved and I knew loved me tried to talk me out of it. But…the people I admired, the people I looked up to, they were the exception.

Decision, Design & Discipline

There will always be people who say you cannot do something. But, there are always a few people in your life that will support you. If not, seek them out. Find people who have succeeded in something similar to what you want to do. You will be surprised at how much they are willing to help. They will help because they had someone that helped them for no other reason than to see them succeed.

Goal: Understand that people will try and tear you down. It is part of our culture. Next time you set a goal, any goal, note who tears you down and who builds you up. Use that negativity as motivation to succeed.

Goal: When someone comes to you with an idea, recognize when you are tearing someone down, rather than building them up. You may be surprised and have to make a course correction of your own.

Goal: Seek out someone who has succeeded at what you want to do and ask them for guidance/mentorship.

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