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The mindset of synchronicity!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019


A key scene near the beginning of the 1976 movie "The Eagle Has Landed", a World War II thriller about a German special operations unit has the head of German Military Intelligence, instructing one of his chief aides, Colonel Max Radl, to perform a feasibility study into the possibility of kidnapping British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Within days of being given this task, Colonel Radal receives an intelligence report that Churchill will be staying at a secluded village on the north Norfolk coast in about three weeks. Sitting opposite his aide, Sgt Karl Botel, Radl gives voice to a theory. The mindset of synchronicity!

It is with this theory in mind that Col. Radl keeps pushing the operation forward, from a mere study in logistics to an actionable mission. He understands that opportunities come from circumstances and that they can take advantage of these opportunities to make the mission not only possible but successful.

Description & Discussion: Synchronicity implies that certain events positively occur in time, and that coincidental happenings are leading toward a specific event. The point already exists, and there is nothing to stop it happening. That why later in the film, when told to cease operations, Colonel Radl tells his Admiral that the mission "could be done," and, "In my opinion, it should be done." There had already been enough coincidences to convince him of the mission's success.

I discovered quickly after being promoted into a position of leadership to scrutinize the circumstances and leverage the opportunities. Time and time again, I recalled this scene and looked at the opportunities created by our unique set of circumstances. Pick one thing and do it! Don't be wary, and don't worry about the answers you don't have today. What scares you, is scaring others as well, and their waiting for 90% of the answers, prior to make a decsion. If we go now, we have a distinct advantage. There is power in cracking the whip and moving the herd just to see what works and what doesn't. If an impediment appears, try something new, do something different, adapt, improvise and overcome, move forward.

Decision, Design, & Discipline: Dare to beleive that there is something bigger than ourselves at work when taking on a difficult task. We can't control everything and we should not worry about the things we can't control (which is mostly everything), but we can focus on our response to these challenges. We must believe that these opportunities are uniquely ours and we are where we are and why we are because of the “synchronicity” of our purpose.

Always show up, always take the leap and always believe in what you are doing unless facts change circumstances which then require you to realign your assessment and planning. When you stall, turn to the next page in the playbook, do what is needed to win and believe that this is meant to be.

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