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We all make mistakes.


Video Length: 19:29 minutes

Dr. Brian Goldman discusses how sharing your mistakes is essential to improving the medical field.

For the script of the show please click here.

Description & Discussion:

Dr. Goldman talks about how the culture in the medical profession discourages people from sharing their mistakes. We all make mistakes. The military is very good at capturing lessons learned and passing them on to the next team. But, those lessons learned are only good if people come forward and admit their mistakes, so they can be captured. This sounds easy, but it can be difficult to admit mistakes that will not be discovered. Knowing that we all make mistakes, you must build a culture where mistakes are acknowledged and lessons learned are passed on so others don't make them as well.

Decision, Design & Discipline:

You can build this culture by acknowledging mistakes you have made and share them with your team. You must also lead by viewing others' mistakes with understanding. Additionally, as discussed in the video, knowing that everyone makes mistakes will allow you to build in redundancy for critical tasks. Think about mistakes you have made that would help your team if they knew. Explain to your team about the value of lessons learned and encourage them to share their mistakes, anonymously, if necessary. Examine your processes and try to build in some redundancy if there is something critical.

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