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A Yin and Yang Relationship

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

One cannot exist without the other


Video Length: 2:13 min

This is a two minute video that looks behind the movie "Hidden Figures". This includes clips of the movie and interviews from the author and actors and the story behind three extraordinary women in the NASA program.

Description & Discussion:

Tribalism is about working as a team and being there for one another during times of triumph and challenge. The space race couldn't have happened without the entire team behind the astronauts. In "Hidden Figures" it not only explores the story of three women behind the scenes, but it shows the work and size of the team to make an operation happen. The astronaut cannot orbit in space or land on the moon without the mathematicians and engineers behind them the entire time. The support team and the operational team create a wonderful symbiotic relationship, where one cannot exist without the other. A great tribe is what makes a historical operation happen.

Decision, Design & Discipline:

I always felt that to make a difference you needed to be the person in front, but after working on a support staff and being the woman behind the scene, I feel my job is just as important as the operators. Without the support of one another and the teamwork that goes into making an operation happen, nothing can get accomplished. Having roles that are completely different, but they compliment one another is what makes the team stronger.

Here is what I need you to do. Look at the people you work with, and the roles that they have within the company. If you took that role away, could you do your job without it? Could the mission of the company be accomplished without that position or person? No one really knows the value of a person until they're gone.

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