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The formula for success… According to science.

///Championing:Core4: Talent///

///Championing:Core4: Endurance///

This article comes from a TED Ideas blog post. Championed by physicist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, the idea describes a mathematical formula for success.

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Description & Discussion:

Everyone has a different take on what makes someone successful. Aside from actually defining the word “successes,” most of these theories and formulas account for the same factors. This one is no different, and it just so happens to describe framework topics in the “Championing” series perfectly.

“Success, or S, is the product of r, the potential value of a given idea, and Q, a person's ability to execute on that idea--i.e., their "Q-factor," or combination of innate talent and skill--that makes them effective or not in their chosen field.”

Let’s for a moment apply the terms we know to this equation. We’ll chalk Q up as being A: Talent, and B: Endurance. “But Garth, it says right there in the quote that talent and skill are the components of the Q factor.” Right you are, however, I would contend that skill is only acquired through practice, and multiple occasions of trial and error, therefore, It’s only appropriate to attribute skill as being a product of Endurance.

What’s particularly appealing about this formula is that it attributes ownership to circumstance. It proves that your success isn’t solely related to your single great idea. In fact, in a given scenario, that might be the very least important factor. The inherent value of an idea is something we can't control. It’s subjective to the demand and critique of the market place. We can, however, own the Talent and Endurance involved in that same equation.

Decision, Design & Discipline:

Regardless of what your definition of success might be, how do you define the formula for getting there? Does it encompass the ownership contained within the principles of Talent and Endurance / Qr? Understand that the formula for success is continuously dependent on our ability to CONTINUE to grow and harness Talent and Endurance. Science says so.

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