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To get a team through adversity.


Video Length: 5:36 minutes

Description & Discussion:

On one level, the scene shows how people limit themselves by setting artificial barriers. On a deeper level, it shows a good technique for building a tribe.

Grant, the coach, has Brock do the death crawl blindfolded so he can understand that he is limiting his potential. On another level, Grant is winning the most influential person on the team over to his side, and it will be easier to bring the rest along. This is critical to building a tribe or getting the team through adversity.

Decision, Design & Discipline:

On any team there is usually someone, or a core group, on the team that is not in a leadership position that everyone listens to or watches to see what they will do. Find that person or persons on your team and let them help you in changing the culture or on new initiatives.

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