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Join date: Mar 23, 2019


I’m a father, husband, son and friend.

Since the age of eighteen I have worked for / operated with the USMC, CIA, USSOCOM, JIEDDO and the interagency to include our host nation partners.

I have two daughters and sometimes I think I know more about nail polish, make-up, earrings and other girl stuff than I do about mission planning and targeting high value targets (HVTs). It is truly a girls’ world when I’m with my daughters. My oldest daughter has always been a straight “A” student. She currently attends a University in Virginia. My youngest daughter is a super daddy’s girl and is in High School. I’m very proud of my daughters and their health, happiness & safety means everything to me.

It is important to note that I truly enjoy physical fitness and training is a way of life.

I look forward to training much like a child does playtime. I’ll follow up on that by saying, I like to color outside the lines and think outside the box. To bring creative real world solutions to complex problems in the dynamic and fluid environments we live and operate in today. I welcome new challenges and continue to serve and contribute as part of the HoldFast team and partner companies with like-minded men and women.

Always Faithful & Always Forward

See you on the high ground,



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