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Your character is what's respected and remembered.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019


Pat Tillman was a player in the NFL who gave up a promising career to enlist in the army. Shortly after enlisting, Pat completed Ranger school and deployed to Afghanistan where tragically killed in a friendly fire incident in 2004. "Where men win glory" is his story. Contained in it are journal writings from Tillman himself optimizing the authenticity in his character.

Description & Discussion:

This book circumvents much of the myth and propaganda surrounding Pat Tillman's death. In it, authenticity is hammered home as the author interviews Pat's family, former coaches, people he served with and writings from Tillman himself.

Decision, Design, & Discipline:

It reminds me that the Authentic individual is usually more impressive than the myth. Authenticity inherently coincides with humanity. This also book highlights the shortcomings of the US government and their failure to be authentic in his case.

What is the single most important lesson you have learned from a specific failure? Who have you told?

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