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Who's in your tribe?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019


Description & Discussion:

Sebastion Junger's application of what it means to be tribal is given perspective by his experience as a wartime journalist. Junger's latest work, including Tedtalks, have taken a deep dive into what makes tribes so much more effective than individuals. Defines and applies concept to the modern working definition of what it means to be Tribal.

Decision, Design, & Discipline:

This book highlights the qualities that are specific to tribes vs other groups or individuals. It offers an uncompromising definition and context of how we should operate with those we work with, live with, and do life with.

Take an honest look at the people you intentionally surround yourself with. After understanding Junger's application for the word tribe, would you classify those groups as tribes? What can you do to become more tribal and influence those around you to become tribal.

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